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Lucid Camo Tee

The Lucid Camo Tee is discreet but stylish, the triangular camo print loves to show itself off from the bottom of jumpers and bomber jackets, giving you that edge on everyone else. When you need to look cool but subtle the Camo Tee is the pick to choose.
There is nothing else like this in the game.

Lucid Outlined Tee

This beauty is the Lucid Outline Tee. It's got the Lucid 'LCD' pattern embroidered around all edges of the t-shirt. The t-shirt loves to glow in UV light, so wherever you may find yourself, standing out won't be an issue.
The t-shirt does not stretch on its arms, coming in at 13.5 inches in the largest size, dubbed as the 'Lucid Skinny Boy Tee', it gives streetwear a look that can't be worn by all, but by a select few.
Being different is easy.

Lucid Diamond Tee

Our infamous patented pattern, it's sleek and very much out there. The Lucid Diamond Tee is nothing to play with.
Whether you need to show off a bit extra when wearing a bomber jacket or jumper, this tee has the extra edgy-look for you.
It's a trait in many
It's ugly
It's powerful
It's exploitable
That is what they will be
Wear with caution.