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The Story

Lucid Clothing is a streetwear brand from one of the most underground and creative cities in the world, Bristol, UK.

We specialize in great quality clothing and believe fully in attention to detail, we are obsessed with great design and we exude this in our designs.

Our vision, our passion and our drive is solely focused on becoming and maintaining a great foothold in the fashion industry, specifically streetwear, but not strictly bound to.

Lucid Clothing has come a great way since first being thought of, we’ve achieved so much and have so much more to give, we as a collective believe that everything in life comes in 3’s and this is our brand ‘mantra’ for each drop, hence our 3 diamond logo.

The brand comes in black and white, which is shown and will be shown throughout all our designs, however don’t be fooled, we strongly believe in black & white and also believe greatly in striking designs that can only be accommodated with these to powerful colours.

1000 words is no better than 3.

100 rings is not better than 3.

10 items a drop is no better than 3.

1 brand to give you everything you need.

Stay Lucid.